Brand guidelines

Our typeface

The British Council typeface is an essential element of our brand’s visual identity. Our corporate typeface is British Council Sans. It has been designed to our unique specifications and is modern, clean cut and easy to read. The fonts are copyrighted by Monotype but the British Council has exclusivity for use. No other font should be used in British Council materials, unless for the reasons specified in this section.

What different weights are available?

The British Council Sans typeface is available in both Macintosh and PC formats in eight different weights (Extra Light, Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black). It is also available in eight weights in Central European and Turkish, in six weights in Arabic and four weights in Azerbaijan, Cyrillic, Greek and Khazakh.

All fonts are available to download.

British Council Sans

Please note the PC version can be installed onto a standard British Council desktop GTI PC but will be deleted upon restart. Ask your IT co-ordinator to install it in your profile to avoid this.

Boutrous sans

What font should I use if a British Council Sans version of our language is not available?

Where a British Council Sans version is not available, one single agreed font family should be used across all communications materials and should be consistently used in all countries with common language. The font should be selected in consultation with, and approval from, the Brand Team. When choosing fonts in other languages a single font family should be chosen that complements the shape and design of British Council Sans.

In China, all translated text should use Arial Unicode MS.

This example shows British Council Sans Bold and British Council Sans (Arabic), the fonts to the left shows a complementary non-Roman font.


How to recognise British Council Sans

British Council Sans has been designed to our unique specification and is our mandatory typeface on all printed materials. Although it may look quite similar to some other sans serif typefaces, there are a number of ways you can tell British Council Sans from other typefaces.

You can download the guidance on how to recognise British Council Sans from other fonts.